Iberian pata negra ham 18.50€
Cheeseboard 15.00€
  • With almond and homemade jam
Iberian sausage meats 18.00€
Tomato 2/13.90€ o 4/22.00€
  • with "bonito" belly and elite anchovies
Pulpo al vino o a la Gallega 14.50€
octopus in "tempura" 16.50€
Squid with onions 13.20€
  • With pinions and raisins
Battered squid 13.20€
"Marinera" clams 2/16.00€ o 4/22.00€
  • Or grilled
Clams with cava 2/16.00€ o 4/22.00€
Partridge crepe 5.10€
Gruper and crab crepe 5.30€
Bull tail canelloni 4.80€
Scallops with onions 6.00€
  • Y taquitos de jamón ibérico
Baked scallops with cheese, seafood 6.00€
Sea urchin filled with roe 4.50€
Chopped prawns in a savoury sauce 13.80€
Prawn tail with garlic 10.00€
Fried prawns 9.60€/100gr
  • With green onions and olive oil
"Foie" with homemade jam 16.85€
Vegetables with "foie gras" 14.50€
Grilled green asparagus 13.00€
  • With parmesan cheese
Grilled vegetables 12.00€
Grilled artichoke 9.65€
Snails, "murciana" style 9.05€


Plain salad 7.50€
Special salad 10.50€
Special asparagus 7.50€
Asparagus with salmon 10.00€
Spanish omelette 6.50€
Prawns omelette 8.50€
Special scrambled eggs 14.50€
Pimientos de Piquillo rellenos (4 uds) 11.00€
Chicken soup 6.50€
Fish soup 7.50€
Creamed vegetable soup 6.00€
Melon with ham 8.50€
Melon with iberian pata negra ham 15.00€
Andalusian gazpacho 6.50€
Squid grilled, fried or Andalusian 15.00€
Carpaccio de salmón y bacalao 13.25€
Steamed mussels or with wine 14.85€
Mussels with american sauce 14.85€


Oysters 3.90€/unidad
Gambas rojas 140€/kg
Gambas blancas 120€/kg
Scampi 120€/kg
Shrimps 130€/kg
Dublin bay prawns 130€/kg
Giant crab 45€/kg
Bogavante con salsa Americana o al horno 84€/kg
Fried lobster with green onions 84€/kg
Langosta con salsa Americana o al horno 96€/kg
Fried spiny lobster, green onions 96€/kg
Lobster stew (to order) 96€/kg


Rice with seafood 18.00€
Rice with seabream 24.00€
Rice with lobster 84€/kg
"Caldero" (rice stew) to order 50€/kg
Rice "a banda" 17.00€


Seabream cooked in salt 50€/kg
Baked seabream 50€/kg
  • With olive oil, garlic and peeled prawns
Bass cooked in salt or baked 50€/kg
Baked sea bream 50€/kg
Sea bream, murciana style 50€/kg
Turbot, grilled, baked or murciana 19.80€
Red scorpion fish 55€/kg
John-Dory 55/kg
Hake 50€/kg
Whiting, baked or Basque style 45€/kg
Monkfish, casserole or grilled 50€/kg
Sole, grilled or Meunière 55€/kg
Salmon in almond sauce 17.00€
Gruper 50€/kg
Tataky tuna consultar


Beef grilled in stone 19.50€
Beef sirloin grilled on stone 22.00€
Rib eye 50€/kg
Roast leg of "baby lamb" 23.00€
Kid chops with garlic, asparagus 17.00€
Sirloin with "foie" 23.00€
Grilled entrecote 19.00€
Entrecot a la pimienta / roquefort / Bearnesa 21.00€
Grilled sirloin steak 20.00€
Solomillo pimienta, Roquefort, Cabrales, Bearnesa 22.50€
Roast sucking pig 22.00€
Duck steaklet grilled on stone 19.50€
Duck steaklet with sauces 21.00€
Pork chops (5uds) 16.00€
Salsas «extra» 2.50€/uds
  • Pimienta Roquefort Bearnesa Cabrales


Milfeuille with cream, chocolate 7.50€
Broenie of chocolat "fondant" 8.50€
Turron cake 6.50€
"Leche frita" with vanilla ice cream 6.50€
Carrot cake 7.00€
Lemon sorbete with champagne 6.00€
Cheesecake 6.00€
Crème brûlée 6.00€
Custard 6.00€
"Flan casero" 5.00€
Chocolate cake 6.00€
Chocolate mousse 6.00€
Rice pudding mousse 6.00€
Rice pudding 5.50€
Fruta variada del tiempo 6.50€
Piña natural 5.00€
Starwberries and cream 6.50€
Strawberries with ice cream 8.00€
"Calatrava" pudding 5.50€
Egg-yolk and syrup delicacy 5.50€
Helado variado al gusto (2 sabores) 6.00€